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Pin by Uri Levi on Israels wars Ww2 tanks
Israeli tanks AMX-13. Operation Kadesh.1956.
Egypt Yom Kippur War | Israel versus the World | History Stuff That Interests Me
Yom Kippur War, 1973: Israeli Patton M60 tank lies destroyed by enemy fire, Sinai Desert.
A stranded tank. Footage from the 1973 Yom Kippur War: http://
A damaged Sho't Kal tank by Malyutka ATGM, Yom Kippur War.
The Six-Day War
Israeli M50 Sherman and Jeep during Six Day War
Yom Kippur War
Syrian Panzer IV knocked out by an Israeli Centurion
A Centurion of the British 6th Tank Regiment comes ashore at the northern mouth of the Suez Canal, 1956.
Sherman Vc Firefly tank of The Fort Garry Horse near the Beveland Canal, Netherlands,
jordanian m48 - Google Search | Historical Photos | Pinterest | Historical photos, Middle East and Yom Kippur
Israeli soldiers investigating burned wreck of Egyptian tank after tough fights on Sinai, Six Day War, June 1967
An Egyptian tank moves into the Sinai desert from the east bank of the Suez Canal, Oct. 10, 1973. Although Israel said only that there was "concentrated ...
Sherman marine corps, during the battle of Saipan, 1944. Uri Levi · WW2
Jordanian Centurion tank captured by Israeli troops during Six Day War Army Vehicles, Armored Vehicles
Syrian T-62 tank had a bad day, Yom Kippur War.
Guerra de Yom Kippur ( Ataque sorpresa de Egipto y Siria contra Israel)
M-103 heavy tank US Army 1950-1960s
Battle between Israeli and Egyptian tanks, Yom Kippur War
Simply amazing story of a WWII tank pulled from a lake and a ton of ammunition also found in the lake. It comes from Ramiro at World History. Uri Levi
The Yom Kippur War (from 6 to 24 October 1973): Front of Syria
Iragi T72 tank in Desert Storm. The T72 was no match for the coalition's superior firepower.
The Yom Kippur War was fought from October 6 to between Israel and a massive coalition of Arab states backing Egypt and Syria. Uri Levi
Valley of Tears in Yom Kippur War
Vintage Photo, Israeli Tank Column, Black & White Photo, Military, Found Photo, Old Photo, Six Day War 1967, Israel, IDF, Israeli Army√
Egyptian IS-3 destroyed, Six Day War.
Centurion bridgelayer. An Mk.3 with American AVLB
IDF unit w/a captured Egyptian tank. Egyptian, Tanks, Israel, Shelled
Israeli tanks crossing the Suez Canal into Egypt in the Yom Kippur War
Yom Kippur War October War, Tank Warfare, Yom Kippur, Israel Palestine, Armored
Pin by Mike Tebay on Centurion tank | Pinterest | Military, Military photos and Army
Destroyed Israeli Centurion Sho't tank during Yom Kippur War October War, Tank Warfare
M51 iSherman during Six Day War, 1967
An Egyptian tank in the Sinai desert knocked out in an Israeli pre-emptive attack during the Six-Day War. (Photo by Terry Fincher/Getty Images).
WW2 Stuart tanks. Uri Levi
m-4 sherman. Uri Levi · WW2
Us Armor, Sherman Tank, World Of Tanks, Armored Fighting Vehicle, Battleship, Military Vehicles, World War Ii, Insight, Manual, War, World War Two, ...
A Centurion Tank and Buffalo in Port Said during the Suez crisis in 1956 | Cold War | Pinterest | Battle tank, Military history and Military
Destroyed Egyptian IS-3M near Rafah, Six Day War, June 1967 Tank Armor
MkIV panzer that served post war with the Syrian army. This tank was captured by Israel.
During World War II when Bulgaria joined the Axis powers in fighting the Soviet Union, they were given some 97 German Panzer IV tanks, about 100. Uri Levi
British soldiers with captured German Goliath tracked mines Normandy June Pin by Paolo Marzioli. Uri Levi · WW2
German Jagdpanzer Marder III (tank-destroyer, self propelled artillery). South Russia
Abandoned Egyptian Archer tank destroyer, Abu Ageila, 1956 Suez Canal War
There has been a report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking into foreign lobbying in Washington while another story relates how his team is ...
A column of Soviet T-34 tanks. - Tank Destroyer, Wwii, Armored
IDF 1948 Israel Independence War: IDF Armor and tanks in 1948 war of Independence Israel
American made lend lease Grant tank in British service1942 Army Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Tank
Knocked out Syrian T-55 tank looks into destroyed house, Yom Kippur War.
Merkava 3 MBT patrolling the Israel-Lebanon border in Metulla, Israel
Syrian tank destroyed by Israeli soldiers on the Golan plateau.
T-10M tank Army Vehicles, Tanks, Israel, Shelled
bmashina. Tank WarfareYom ...
With the full knowledge that Israel's armed forces were caught completely off guard, the Syrians
The Middle East - Yom Kippur war 1973: (by Gal)
Arab-Israeli wars
Magach 6 Main Battle Tank (Israel)
Men of the Jewish Brigade ride on a Churchill tank in North Italy, 14 March 1945
Two Syrian T-54/55 tanks were destroyed, Yom Kippur War. Yom
Israeli paratroopers Zion Karasanti, Yitzhak Yifat and Haim Oshri at the Western Wall, photographed by David Rubinger (June. Uri Levi · Israel's wars
To date, 62 Palestinians have been shot dead in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army and over 5,500 wounded by gunfire. Their crime: protesting the loss of ...
Captured Jordanian M113A1 during Israeli Military Parade, 1968. Female Soldier, Armies, Military
an old WW2 Soviet tank army veteran has finally found his own tank. Moving Photos
Israeli artillery fires on Syrian positions during the Arab-Israeli War on October 12 1973. Uri Levi
SouthFront has just released a very interesting video analysis warning about the possibility of a war involving Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and, possibility, ...
Israeli soldiers load their weapons near Hebron
Israel's Juvenile Ground Army
Israeli soldiers seen on tanks at an IDF staging area near the Israeli border with Gaza
After Gaza strikes, Israel threatens Iranian forces in Syria | Utter Buzz!
Police at the scene of a bush fire in Tiberias where a body was found,
Illustrative: An Iranian navy vessel launches a missile during a drill in the Sea of
Referring to Israel during an interview in August 1983, U.S. Navy Admiral and former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Thomas Moorer said “I've never seen a ...
Ariel Sharon
Deir Yassin today, part of the Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center, an Israeli psychiatric hospital
The "Mothers Bus" hostage rescue mission carried out by Yamam special anti-terrorist
Operation Gazelle, Israel's ground maneuver, encircles the Egyptian Third Army, October 1973
Informationclearinghouse recently posted an article by Darius Shahtahmasebi entitled “Israel Keeps Bombing Syria and Nobody Is Doing Anything About It”.
Tiananmen Square
Sharon, top second from left, with members of Unit 101 after Operation Egged (November 1955). Standing l to r: Lt. Meir Har-Zion, Maj.
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Irgun fighters training in 1947
Members of the panel discussing whether Israel is or could become an apartheid state, Feb
Jewish Brigade
1956 Suez War
Former US president Bill Clinton, right, cheers as former New York City mayor Michael
Of course, congress ignores what their constituencies want and spread their cheeks for the Israel lobbyists, so this poll will mean nothing.
Yom Kippur War
Sharon and President Vladimir Putin meeting in Israel.
Six Israelis wounded in Palestinian shooting attack: officials | Utter Buzz!