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VCF UK ZX80 and 1970s TV in 2018 Computing
Exhibit 26: SINCLAIR ZX80 1980. The ZX80 was the first computer in the UK available for less than a hundred pounds. Encased in a white plastic-molded ...
80's Touch: Photo Alter Computer, Home Computer, Micro Computer, Computer Gadgets,
Sinclair ZX80
Did you ever see a Palm phone?. More info on COSMAC 1802 Membership Cards at this link.
Vintage Commodore Colt PC20-III 8088 IBM PC Clone MS DOS 3.21 640kB RAM, TESTED!: $249.95 End Date: Wednesday May-9-2018 5:57:25 PDT Buy It…
NeXTstation Turbo Color 33MHz in 2018 | Vintage Computers | Pinterest | Informática, Tecnologia and Windows
... Bethesda, Maryland — ST-506/412 drives represent the transition period when hard drives became common storage for personal computers.
助けて Apple Computers, Ρετρό, Δισκέτα Υπολογιστή, Κονσόλες, Υπολογιστές
This is the apple II the first house hold computer that was affordable and it also was quite capable to play games on when it first debuted
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The Commodore Educator 64 I had never heard of this device before, and first thought it was a hoax, but it looks authentic.
My Wyse Terminal in amber hooked up to a modern Ubuntu server School Computers, Old
The Agat 4, an Apple II clone that was the most popular PC produced in the Soviet Union.
Uzicopter: The Signalnoise Tumblr : Photo Retro Arcade, Mini Arcade, Handheld Video Games
Processor Technology Sol-20 with two floppy disk drives and a video display
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... early 8-bit IBM-PC cards, Apple II items, various retrocomputing projects, vintage chips, and other vintage computing goodies.
Commodore 64 Computer Eyes: 8-Bit Digital Portraits ...
JavaStation boots netbsd Computer Love, Computer Setup, Computer Technology, Sun Microsystems, Old
Toshiba T3100 Computers, Pc
Well, one week before this project started here on Hackaday, I was at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, US, and jokingly posted the following ...
1970's conputers...love! by e.r.a._extreme_retro_apple Alter Computer, Computer Love,
VCF UK: ZX80 and 1970s TV
My first computer TI 99/4A 1979 Video Vintage, Desktop Computers, Computer Love
[vcf-e 2018]
Dicho reloj lleva TV incorporada.
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PLATO V Terminal with plasma display
My first computer Texas Instruments TI-99/4A 1981 Computer Video Games, Home
Ok, the planned LED matrix has morphed into a video screen along the way. That's just feature creep.
Heathkit H9 Video Terminal Ships Worldwide | eBay Console, Computers, Pc, Ships,
Tim Berners-Lee's NeXTcube: http://www.photonhunter.co.
Excellent timeline of Apple's personal computers #android #it #ict #ictbusiness #itbusiness #app #apps #google #googleplay #business #technolo…
Translucent Macintosh SE Case APPLE COMPUTER, INC.
Compaq SLT 286 Old Computers, Information Technology, Monochrome, Monitor, Truths, Computer
KVE60C HF Vector Impedance Antenna Analyzer for Walkie Talkie Graphical Representation/Ham Radio DIY Walkie
obj tv sony trinitron kv-1300e Vintage Videos, Vintage Tv, Portable Tv,
old computers | Old IBM Computer - Wallpaper #31163
A3000 with Pinball Fantasies Game Old Video, Floppy Disk, Old Computers, Pinball,
The Xerox Alto, one of the first personal computers. Computer Love, Computer Science
RasPi Powered ADM3A Dumb Terminal #piday #raspberrypi ... Computer Projects, Raspberry
FOR SALE: 1997 Power Macintosh Apple 5500/225 PowerPC Computer Model #M3046 - $275 or Best Offer. Like New Condition. SERIAL# TY74709W88W Click on image to ...
Apple Power Mac G4 Apple Tv, Apple Watch, Power Mac G4, Mac Mini
Control room with modern monitors. C. 2015 Spaceship Interior, Cg Artist, Space
Micro Computer, Television Set, Old Computers, 1980s
The National Museum of Computing in the UK shows the evolution of computers from WWII coding
Compucolor II computer Basic Programming Language, Programming Languages, Micro Computer, Computer Technology,
Vintage British Argos 1985 Catalogue
Computer Technology, Old Computers, Electronic Devices, Retro Typewriter, Drawing, Vintage,
Tegnemaskin @ DigitaltMuseum.no
Computer for the receptionist's desk in Dr. Wally's office. Home Computer, Alter Computer
VCF UK: ZX80 and 1970s TV · HH Tiger
A500 with 1.2 Workbench Pc Computer, Computer Video Games, Old Technology, Retro,
Atari stacy 2
Floppy Days 86 - The Sinclair ZX80 Part II with Earl Evans from FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast on RadioPublic
Marcel van Kervinck • 06/22/2018 at 15:38 • 0 comments
We also have a mimi 803 uk micro, lots of components from a company that shut down and a Vax 11/750 from Sweden.
JVC Videosphere of the 1970s Everyday Objects. Zippertravel Vintage Television, Television Set, Vintage
A small computer board that **could** have been made in the 70s, before single-chip microprocessors even existed. A complete CPU made out of just a few ...
Also PC XT and DEC Rainbow systems, monitors, floppy drives, tape drives, ...
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Sinclair Spectrum
[vcf-e 2018]
Marcel van Kervinck • 06/22/2018 at 15:38 • 0 comments
[vcf-e 2018]
VCF UK: Sinclair Z88
How? Well, one week before this project started here on Hackaday, I was at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, US, and jokingly posted the ...
PS/2 is simply too modern, and we need a time machine to translate its fast and complex signals to the simple signals that the Gigatron will understand.
VCF UK: Sinclair PC200
... will work. Stay tuned for more information about that and thanks, ...
[vcf-e 2018]
I ...
85 Funny And/Or Ridiculous Vintage Computer Ads
Tutorials for the original WozMon, such as this nice one, are applicable as I tried to deviate as little as possible from the original: the differences are ...
I ...
That's small enough to understand everything that goes on! Visually, the board is laid out to help you understand the flow of signals inside the CPU.
BBC mk3 radio desk
RC2014 Mini with Parts
One of my side projects is to convert a board to original TTL series where possible, or at least to 74LS series with the oldest chips I can find.
Although it is cool, it also gets hot! Original TTL consumes an order of magnitude more power. Due to this so far I only "upgraded" to original TTL the ...
Since there is no drive this makes sense.
BBC mk3 radio desk
The LaserDisc system, one you won't have at home.
HH Tiger function keys
Sinclair ZX81
HH Tiger PCB
Ken's 'conclusion' doesn't give away any spoilers and is actually a good snippet of context before watching the video below showing the successful test.
6 Febuary 2014
Back to the VCF event itself, there were some very nice other early computers on show. Brian Stuart made a visual simulation of the now 70 year old ENIAC.
Toolkit: Four program-packages to extend the operating system DISCONTINUED ...
Supercool ...
Vintage Computer Festival
RC2014 Mini PCB